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Cake Angry by Geoff Levy

words Zarah Cheng
All photographs by Geoff Levy

Have you ever fantasized about grabbing a fistful of cake and throwing it as hard as you can at the New York City skyline?  Or maybe tossing some nice vanilla gateau in the air as you swing at it with a wooden bat?  We’ve all thought about what it would be like to rage with some cake, but Geoff Levy goes one step further – he actualizes it.  Through his aptly titled series, "Cake Angry", the Brooklyn-based photographer documents various scenes in which cake is destroyed.  As the models throw, kick, and swing at handfuls of cake, Levy addresses the issue of wastefulness in NYC.  Set against stunning urban backdrops, "Cake Angry" is a remarkable collection of whimsical photographs that will make you smile.

Where are you from?

Ft. Lauderdale, FL but currently live in Brooklyn, NY.

What inspired your Cake Angry series?

I assisted on a photo shoot for a cake celebrity and was given the responsibility of throwing out the forty cakes that weren't used during shooting. We'd only used three during the setups, and I didn't have enough fridge real estate in my small New York fridge.  Instead of sending them to the dumpster, I decided to make something that addressed a theme of wastefulness in NYC.


Who are the people in your photographs?

 Most of the people are friends of mine who I told about the project.  It was amazing how many people raised their hands to destroy cakes in creative ways. 

Best drink to have cake with?

Milk and coffee. 

Where can I find the best cake in New York?  

Carlo's Bakery and Melissa's Cupcakes are my jam.   

Who/What would you want to throw cake at?

Oh man, Gallagher would've been the perfect subject.  Also getting Jeter to bat one would've been fantastic.  

What sort of direction did you give your models while taking the photos? 

I gravitated towards casting people that I knew would put a full emotional and physical commitment to the action.  I told them, "The more eccentric and animated, the better."  The broken cake would of course take on a character and the "destroyer" should be just as animated.

Do you make the cakes yourself?  

The cakes were all leftovers that didn't have homes. 

Do you have a favourite image in the series?  

I don't have a favorite, but I do enjoy looking at the still lifes.  There's a texture and vibrancy to them that I find very fun.  I'm a fan of the break-dancing group shot in Central Park, if only because it was a fun one to orchestrate.  

Favourite type of cake?

To eat: Boston Cream Pie.  To destroy: Blue fondant-topped white cake.