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#lovewins.  2015, bitches.


We cover Pride Toronto as the city celebrates equality and love in all its forms.  Plus, a couple of beach parties here and a couple of pool parties there, doesn't really hurt either.


I first heard of roller derby in 2009 following the release of Whip It, a Hollywood adaptation of the novel Derby Girl by Shawna Cross. Six years on and roller derby has again been brought to my attention.  However not in the form of another movie or a novel, but rather a personification of third wave feminism. Written in speed and sweat is a philosophy embodied by derby enthusiasts across the globe; respect and equality is warranted.


As I circle over Oliver like a starving seagull at the beach, he prepares and garnishes a rhubarb tart as we chat about what life as a pastry chef in a renowned bakery is actually like. 


When you think of drag king culture in Vancouver, you think of Ponyboy. We hang out with the charismatic gender performer behind Man Up before they celebrate 7 years of"gender clusterf*ck" this weekend.


Mudbloods is a film about Quidditch.  And if you don’t know what Quidditch is, then you probably either grew up under a rock or are a Muggle.  From dealing with haters to coming together as a team,  Farzad Sangari's film is an achievement in taking viewers on a path of self-discovery, accepting who you are, and showing this to the world. 


We spend a day in Brooklyn with RuPaul's Drag Race's juggling, stilt-walking, fire-eating Ivy Winters. Oh yeah, and she showed up with a dress she made herself entirely out of hot glue.


With many opposed to the growing gentrification of Vancouver’s historical Chinatown, we explore a neighbourhood still thriving with culture. 


Prepare to have all your notions about stick and poke flipped on its head, shaken like a dirty martini, thrown into a garburator and served to you in the form of a vicious cat with a knife.