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Darius_Brandon Artis Photography-6.jpg


photography Brandon Artis | @_brandonartis
words Sunny Chen

Thursday July 23, 2015. I must admit that I don't listen to house music on my own time but I danced my tiny Asian butt off last night at Fortune Sound Club. I was the first guest to arrive and the last to leave, and I had no idea what to expect.

Sure, I'm more than familiar with Fortune, a Chinatown venue in its fifth year running, having supported my friends who organized the original fashion shows on Friday nights, but I have never experienced the highs of club culture the way I did last night.



Thomas Maxey's atmospheric sound filled the near-empty dance floor as I stepped through the doorway into the dark open space. At first, it felt more like a private party than a show, as people trickled in and eagerly greeted each other (it seems like everybody knew everybody), but soon the floor filled up. Thomas's music is what the cool kids sway to, sampled from a variety of genres (not just that Top 40s stuff), heightened by his inventive placement of chilly vocals at the right spots, as well as the pregnant pauses leading up to drops. It really stood out to me as the type of house that I'd actually put the effort into syncing onto my iPhone, for those late-night bus rides that I enjoy.



The seating area beside the stage was a busy spot to recharge after an intense dance session, and I took advantage of that several times throughout the night. Hey, a girl's gotta sit out on a few songs too.

Killing Time was upbeat and infectious, and gave the already hyped crowd a renewed reason to dance. I had to step out for a smoke with some newfound friends but, along with everyone else, I was completely ready (and fairly buzzed at that point) for the headliner of the night.


Darius came through with his ambitious take on house music, diffused with elements of funk. The dance floor went all out, and I could see the various personalities shining through the moves of those in my view. This is what everybody came for, this is what club culture is all about: letting go of one's normal self and expressing another side through dance.

The crowd seemed to respond to every beat, cheering Darius on throughout his set, and even the two shirtless douchebags I pushed past didn't faze me. I was feeling the collective high, and it was as if nothing could bring me down.

With the set finished and the crowd still antsy, Darius received a well-deserved encore. As he dropped his last song, I took a chance and stepped onstage to jive with my new friends, because why not?




All photography is by Brandon Artis: Brandon Artis Photography | IG: @_brandonartis

Read more from Sunny Chen at | IG: @soyconfessions 

Posted on July 30, 2015