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Devil's Night Warehouse Party

photography Alex Cassels
words Patricia Reimer

October 30, Geary Lane (Toronto). The Devil’s Night Warehouse presented by Invocation TO began like any other costume party I’ve been to in the past; it slowly filled with witches and the occasional dad on vacation, but quickly escalated into a high school dance on LSD. With haunting visuals in every direction, it was not hard to lose yourself in the horror. The atmosphere quickly put the fear of the devil himself in me, with a terrifying performance-art piece by Chrysanthemum White Alder and Hexzuul. I don’t know much about exorcisms, but that’s what the piece felt like. It was a haunting mix of silence and screams – I didn’t know whether to run or continue to stare. It was captivating, gave me chills, and got me prepared for the spooky evening ahead. Goths and Marilyns danced into the night to music by artists that kept the vibe alive.  When it was time to decide who won Best Costume, it was narrowed down between the “Vagina Moon” and a “Man with Rubber Gloves Glued to His Head.” The crowd couldn't decide between the two for obvious reasons, so both parties split the extensive music prize. By 2:00 am, the Cheetos had all been eaten so I decided to head out. The Warehouse party went on. On my way out, the mermaid-princess coat check girl offered me another handful of candy so I left the party feeling sweeter and sweatier than when I had arrived. 


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Posted on November 9, 2015