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photography Josh Silver
words Zarah Cheng

Describe HSY.

HSY can be described as dark, satirical, lash out, industrial sludge-punk.


What is the meaning behind the name, HSY?

I personally never had a true meaning behind the name HSY. It was originally “Hussy,” but we decided to tighten it up to just be “HSY.”  I suppose it makes sense now as well; when the name was “Hussy,” we were a lot sloppier and the songs were less together. Now as HSY, we are much tighter and have cut some shit out.


HSY is part of a really cool documentary called, Untold Noise, about Toronto’s music community. What did this film mean to you?

Untold Noise to me means that more people will have the chance to really see what's going on in Toronto. The music scene in this city is really starting to thrive and in my opinion, I think it’s well-deserved. Toronto has so many talented artists that should be spotlighted, bands like Weaves, Odonis Odonis, New Fries, Huren, DAS RAD, Wrong Hole, and Lice. Untold Noise does a really awesome job of doing that.


The video for “Cyber Bully” is kind of terrifying, but I can definitely appreciate the blood and gore. What inspired this extreme direction for the video? 

The “Cyber Bully” video was our first time working with director, Cayden Mowbury a.k.a. Frankie. I basically let Frankie have free reign to do what he wanted. I just told him the general mood and idea I wanted to achieve, and let him go from there. I know for me, the inspiration was the movie, Event Horizon, as well as other sci-fi movies like Re-Animators and Aliens.


You guys created a brilliantly dark version of “Moist Vagina” for Hand Drawn Dracula’s Milkin’ It Nirvana tribute compilation. Why did you guys choose to cover this song?

 That came about because our friend, Shezaad from the band Greys, was putting together the comp along with HDD and one of the bands dropped out, so Shezaad asked us if we wanted to do it. We, of course, said yes and he told us we'd be doing “Moist Vagina,” which was probably the best choice for us.


HSY is about to start a North American tour with The Beverleys. How did you guys decide to tour together? 

We all get on real well with each other, and we're label mates on Buzz Records. We've done out of town shows and little Canadian tours with them before, so we knew what to expect.


What’s the craziest thing that has ever happened on tour?

On our Canadian east coast tour last year, we were touring with another band in an old Dodge Saturn RV that ended up breaking down on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere New Brunswick. The head gasket blew and there was obviously no way to get a new one where we were, so we ended up staying in the tow truck driver’s giant un-finished garage. For the first few hours being at the tow truck place, I just thought we were all going to get killed. But we made it out alive, even though we had to leave the RV in New Brunswick and get a new vehicle on the spot.




You are doomed to listen to one album for the rest of your life. Which album is it?

Always Now by Section 25


Favourite hangout in Toronto?

Sonic Cafe across from the old Buzz Garage


What creeps you out the most?

The rough part of Velcro.