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Lucid FC

words Zarah Cheng
All images provided courtesy of Lucid FC.

What is Lucid FC?

Lucid FC is a lifestyle! We/Lucid Twins (Betts DeHart & Chet DeHart) founded Lucid FC back in 2010! Lucid FC stands for Lucid Footwear + Clothing. Here at Lucid FC, we like to hold our title to a culture-colliding, American made label specializing in timeless pieces for all. We love to design clothing that anyone can wear, no matter the style, flow, fresh, race, age, or gender. We also encourage people to embellish/modify our clothing, which is why we provide craft supplies with certain items.  



You guys recently moved to New York from Atlanta.  What have you guys been up to in NYC so far?

Yes! We moved to NYC nine months ago. Since our epic embark, we have been doing about everything we could ever do in order to build Lucid FC and Lucid Twins.  Most of the things we took action on have been behind the scenes, so we could create a firm name for ourselves and our projects.


We opened offices on 55th Street & 6th Avenue, joined forces with VFILES in our showroom, and designed and produced samples for all releases in 2015-2016. Our main factory is in the Garment District. I think our biggest milestone at the moment has been working with Robert Wiesenthal and becoming good friends with his son, Ares Carter. Also, being featured at both Paris and London Fashion Week and Market Week. Our SS 16 is currently in Paris, for buyers to place wholesale orders! So we are global! It feels great. Not to mention our recent consigns from Rihanna and Beyoncé! 



Since opening offices in NYC, you’ve joined the VFILES showroom in SoHo.  How did this happen?

We have a great relationship with VFILES and everyone that works there – they are our NYC family. They took us in two years ago and since then, we have been able to build more and more with their help. We also used to work there when we first moved to New York, although now all we work on day to day is Lucid FC, at our office. 


Lucid FC will be shown in the Fashion Week circuit with VFILES.  How do you hope audiences will react to your pieces?

It's nerve racking. Our clothes are very unique and our design aesthetics are like no other, so it can go either way! So far, the feedback has been good! For NY Fashion Week, we have two events. That will be even more of a “moment of truth.” 



The two of you launched Lucid FC when you were just 13 and have accomplished so much already! Have you encountered any obstacles within the fashion industry, thus far, because of your young age?

Yes, plenty! It is just a part of growing and maturing as a human being and a brand – it's the cycle. We had to design and get products produced in NYC on our own. When we moved here, we really didn't know how to do either (cut and sew). That was our biggest obstacle, finding the manufacturer. Our age always holds us back from things – we are 19, most things are 21 years old. But hey, once we are 21, we will know even more. 



Lucid FC had a pop up shop at The Good Company in NYC that attracted a prominent crowd full of influencers, including Tumblr personalities and the late A$AP Yams.  Having first established yourselves on YouTube, what role has social media played in launching Lucid FC’s popularity? 

Our Good Company pop up was 2 or 3 years ago. We did that in order to pick up popularity amongst NYC street wear, although our clothes are not exactly what they typically wear. Getting out of your comfort zone is important, and can't even leave a negative impact. Social media is our largest marketing tool, no doubt. Social media is golden! We are tech/net lovers. 



Can you tell us more about how the milkman-inspired Spring/Summer 2015 collection came together?

The S/S 2015 Milkman inspired collection was derived from us wanting to slightly upgrade our brand to a more contemporary brand – simple campaigns & ads, posters from the 1950's are classics, right? We both decided to produce unstructured blazers in the fit, as well as the fabrics we made the suits in. 

After researching 1950's "vintage" ads for inspiration, we put together what a Milkman would wear: a suit similar to the one we produced with the same pockets.



You guys have mentioned that you want to start designing women’s fashion pieces.  What will your inspiration for these be?

We have made a lot of women's items and we cannot wait to release them! They are all designed in the mindset of: "What would I like my girlfriend to wear?" Lol. 


What’s next for Lucid FC?  What can we expect from your F/W 16 Collection?

Fur! And more great quality cut and sewn products. Nothing we release will ever be the same as the last. We are ecstatic about all our 2016 products. 



Who are you listening to right now?

Check out our apple music accounts! ILoveMakonnen, Pharrell, Young Thug, Rich Homie, Gorillaz, Kid Cudi, John Mayer, and so on. 


What creeps you out the most?

Old men. 


See the complete collections at  You can also follow Lucid FC on Instagram: @lucidfc

Posted on July 13, 2015