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Liberty Leben is the creative mastermind behind Dirty Grl, a NY-based vegan soap brand. From soaps shaped like boobs or pizza, to ones with a troll doll chilling in the middle, Dirt Grl soaps are basically every 90s girl's dream come true when it comes to getting clean after a particularly amnesiac night filled with flashbacks of glitter, confetti, mysterious neon-coloured vodka, and smudged lipstick.


Painter Michael Reeder creates portraits that feature a recurrent anonymous face that is unknown even to the artist himself.  In his works, Reeder explores the concept of identity and representation.  As we learn more about his process, Reeder discusses what individualism means to him and tells us who would win in a fight between Dracula and Voldemort.


Being the Art History nerd that I am, I was obsessed with Ave Maria's collages from the first moment I saw her image of the Shell logo superimposed over Bouguereau's Venus.  The Bulgaria-born artist tells us more about her creative process, including her fondness of creating layers of meaning and exploring paradoxes.


Using images from vintage and alternative print media, Jordan Westre composes collages that scrutinize the dichotomy of utopia and dystopia while also incorporating a discussion of drug culture and modern sexuality.


Commenting on the effects of consumerist culture and excess, Queens-based Katie Torn creates unnerving, seductive images that oscillate between a physical and virtual reality.   


From first kisses to heartbreak, Brit Bachmann's works explore a range of emotions and memories that we have all been through.  Inspired by the strangers and pedestrians around her, Bachmann pushes boundaries in a refreshingly subtle way.


Connecting the dots with a Molecular Biology major who decided that science just wasn’t his thing.  In between discussing the demerits of studio cabin fever and vogue-ing monkeys, Ronald tells me about how he found himself.