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Music Features

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French producer, Darius, played at Vancouver Chinatown's Fortune Sound Club and induced a dance party like no other, encouraging the entire club to let go of all inhibitions.  Sunny Chen reviews the night and Brandon Artis captures the set through stunning black and white photography.


Ballet School is a band from Berlin, performing some of the catchiest electronic pop we've ever heard. Lead singer Rosie chats with us about femininity and what it means to be a strong woman.  Shot on location at the Merchant Hotel in Belfast by Gavin Millar.


Hockey Dad Records is undeniably one of the essential record labels in Vancouver right now.  It has become a local success story, releasing the "first records" of many booming bands such as The Courtneys and White Lung. Hockey Dad Records recently celebrated its 10 Year Anniversary at the Railway Club, and we were there for the whole glorious shebang.


Horsepowar is the hip-hop alter ego of Jasleen Powar. From Jennifer Anniston to curry stains to substance abuse, the Richmond, BC native raps about Desi girl problems delivered through panty-dropping beats and lyrics that could give two-fucks about what you think.


sleepercub’s first release, EP 1, is a triumph.  David Richmond and Angelique Ngo have created a beautiful 5-track record that perfectly conveys the somber and complicated path of recovery.  Although Richmond and Ngo use categories like ‘electronic ambient’, ‘shoegaze’, and ‘dream pop’ to describe their sound, sleepercub is much more complicated than that.  


Having just recently released a new album, Palm Wine Revisited, we catch up with Toronto-based duo Tasseomancy before their NXNE show. Exploring Alan Gardens, we ask the Lightman sisters about having their fortunes read and how you should be listening to the new album stoned with a couple of candles.


Did you miss Levitation Vancouver?  Or maybe you're in withdrawal from having the best weekend of your life?  Either way, we got you BB.  We covered the international music festival, brought over to Vancouver by Austin Psych Fest and Timbre Concerts.  Check out the full gallery here, taken on 35mm film by our friend, Jordan Westre.


Actual quote from our interview with Vancouver-based Walter TV:  "We found this big ol’ TV and put it in the living room. It would turn on full blast, blaring static the middle of the night. I woke up with a mouse under my pillow once. Oh well whatever, never mind."


If you think GD and CL are just letters, you probably haven't been caught up in the addictive wave of imported music that is K-pop.  We covered the sold out Epik High show in Vancouver and now want to move to South Korea.  We know you're curious.  See what the hype is all about and read more about the Seoul-based hip-hop group. You're welcome.


We caught up with the Vancouver-based band to chat about their new album Teeth and recently released music video for "Hyperböl."  Dirty Spells tells us about their transformation from a 7-piece garage psyh-rock band to a 3-piece playing filmic post-rock, and how the trio's darker sound might be attributed to the band accidentally brainwashing themselves.


Landshapes have carefully crafted a beautiful and haunting album that reads like a strange and mysterious novel you’ll never fully understand. The kind of music that makes you nostalgic for somewhere you’ve only been in your daydreams.  We chat with the UK-based band about their new album, Heyoon.


As part of Canadian Music Week, we went to see the Philadelphia-based indie pop band.  With plenty of beach vibes and catchy hooks, it's easy to forget about real life at a CRUISR show. The layout was simple, the music was simple, and everything suddenly felt good.


Milk & Bone are masters of juxtaposition: hard and soft aesthetics, like good water pressure in a cold rainy summer, fruity lipstick on your cheek, a game of truth or dare.  We hang out with the Montreal-based duo before their NYC penthouse show at The Standard, East Village.


We catch up with Alex Edkins of METZ to talk about the Toronto noise rock band's new album, METZ II.  Edkins opens up about the loss that went into the new record and bringing Holy Fuck's Graham Walsh back on board for the album.  Read on if you want to see what your face looks like when it melts off.


We catch up with HUMANS during Canadian Music Week to chat about the Vancouver-based band’s new record, Noontide.  From puppets tripping on squid juice in the “Tell Me” music video to eating brains at Urban Outfitters, Peter Ricq and Robbie Slade have a darkly humourous take on how to throw the best damn dance party you'll ever go to 


We catch up with HUMANS during Canadian Music Week to chat about the Vancouver-based band’s new record, Noontide.  From puppets tripping on squid juice in the “Tell Me” music video to eating brains at Urban Outfitters, Peter Ricq and Robbie Slade have a darkly humourous take on how to throw the best damn dance party you'll ever go to. 


From finishing their latest record, Not Now, to releasing their new music video for “Pyramid Bricks” (which also happens to feature some mummies and model Abbey Lee), the boys of Regal Degal are down with getting their weird on.  We chat with Josh about recreating a The Shining-esque make out scene and about incorporating a 12-string guitar into the latest record. 



Shamanic. Witchy. Acid. Once you start listening to DOOMSQUAD's new album, Kalaboogie, you won’t want to listen to anything else. Perhaps you might even wake up dancing in the forest, unsure of how you got there.


Ellinor Olovsdotter has had quite the year.  And it's only March. Known by her stage name, Elliphant, she was the face of the new Apple iPad commercial last month and will be performing at SxSW this week.  A fixed artist on CREEP's playlists, we chat with the Swede about stage diving, Billie Holiday, and whiskey.


With their new album, The Air Conditioned Nightmare, Montreal-based Doldrums explores a “dreamy, cool, and scary world.”  We chat with Airick Woodhead – the DJ, producer, and performer of the outfit – about what inspired the dystopian record and spend a day with him, exploring Montreal. 


We catch up with Montreal-based Caila Thompson-Hannant, aka Mozart's Sister, before her Wavelength Music Festival show to talk about "demented, hyper and aggressively infectious pop music."  


Originally from Cardiff, Britain, Until The Ribbon Breaks speaks a universal language about being at your best and worst. A Lesson Unlearnt is about love and heartbreak, triumph and defeat, strength and vulnerability. 


Blue Hawaii is an ethereal reverie soaked in aquamarine hues.  With their 2013 LP, Untogether, Raphaelle "Ra" Standell-Preston and Alex "Agor" Cowan created an expanse filled with cloudless space and dream-like minimalism.  Reimagining this dreamscape, the band released the Agor Edits (Mixtape) last month.  We chat with Agor about the 9-track release.


A review of Invocation Presents: A Constellation Records Soiree with SALTLAND (Montreal Solo Cello) and Khora & Nick Kuepfer (Montreal/Elfin Saddle).


It's been a big year for us. From our rather sudden appearance on the Internet back in April to our adventures in Brooklyn to our first-time visit to Seoul, we couldn't have had more fun.  We're looking forward to 2015 but before we slam glasses with the new year, let's take a look back at the songs we had on repeat this year while cranking out issues.  Plus, this was a nice excuse for us to make a list.


1080p is set to release some of the most anticipated electronic albums of 2015, including Neu Balance’s Rubber Sole, Project Pablo’s I Want to Believe, and Young Braised’s Northern Reflections.  Backing some of the most talked about experimental music acts in Vancouver, 1080p is redefining digital DIY.


Jude from HSY is just known as Jude.  And before HSY, a sludge-punk staple of Toronto, sets off on their North American tour, we talk to Jude about the band's role in the documentary, Untold Noise, and the inspiration behind the guts and gore of their new music video for "Cyber Bully."


In the thick of winter and Polar Vortexes, thank God for Lemonade!  The Brooklyn transplants, originally from San Francisco, are known for their infectious, summery pop songs that seem to overwhelm your senses with smells of warm ocean air and days spent lounging on the beach.  


Originally from Vancouver, White Lung plays "pop songs at the speed of hardcore" while tackling tough subjects like rape culture and body dysmorphic order.


With her single, "Malachite" having one of the coolest and creepiest music videos we've ever seen, we were excited to chat with Lydia about her new album, Right From Real


Stormy.  Noir.  Uneasy. We catch up with the Brooklyn-based three-piece before they skip town to tour with DIIV.


With an emphasis on social justice issues and visually stunning live shows, Petra Glynt is a voice to be heard.


Taking a break from headlining the NYLON Music Tour this past July, this Brooklyn-based trio took a break to chat with us about Pee-wee Herman, David Lynch, and ice cream. 


Baby Alpaca is Chris Kittrell and Zach McMillan.  Their sound is a summery medley of heartwarming dreams, alluring undertones, and haunting rhythms, all wrapped up in ethereal goodness.  


From playing the Palais de Tokyo in Paris to having her song, "Sacred Heart," featured in Olivia Bee's collaboration video with Hermès, Krista Michaela is having the time of her life.


A Romanian immigrant and university student, Stefana Fratila spends a great deal of her time studying, working, and traveling. Now based in Vancouver, she communicates her thoughts on oppression, violence, and the internet’s role in her musical journey.