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words Zarah Cheng
translation Ally Chang
All images are from mwyxxy's potfolio.

Where are you from?

I am from Seoul, South Korea.


What camera do you use?

I normally use a 35mm camera: Contax Konica Big Mini.


What inspires you?

I either listen to music or watch movies – there are typically scenes or parts of the song that capture my attention. 


With “aegyo” stars being extremely common, and even favoured, in Korean pop culture, do you think it’s difficult for women to embrace their sexuality in Korea, as you often portray in your photographs?

People think Korea has changed a lot and have begun embracing the concept of sexuality; however, I don’t think Korea has embraced it enough. I would like to see the country embrace things that are “wrong”, “bad”, “different”


What is the inspiration behind your “Lick” series?

As the tongue, I think, is the most upfront part in our body, I made use of the meaning “lick.” People, when I take photos of them, pretend to be nice and pretty; which I don’t like. As for me, people look better when taken pictures as they are. I always avoid taking pictures of pretended postures. I prefer photographing a plain living room, parking lot, hotel rooms, or kitchen to decorated places.

As I wanted to be candid, I became interested in kinds of sexualities, the more evolved subject for me.


Who are the subjects in your photographs, usually?  Are they friends or models?

I photograph both my friends and models, but more so models. After doing SNS, I started receiving a lot of people asking about my work / modeling for me.


Your photographs often seem pretty intimate.  Do you ever feel vulnerable capturing these moments?

I prefer [not to use] unnatural postures or fixed things. The subjects [who let] things happen naturally in the comprehensive themes tend to be great.


It’s Saturday night.  Where is your favourite place to go?

I don’t have a specific favourite spot to go – anywhere with the people I like is good for me!


Favourite musician?



What creeps you out the most?

Déjà vu


Posted on April 29, 2015.