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Tiina Eronen is a photographer based in Helsinki, Finland. Producing thought-provoking images, Eronen's photoseries explore the human condition and its consequences. Never happy with just a "pretty picture", her images are riddled with conflict and contradiction, hidden under a minimalist aesthetic and striking compositional simplicity.


TJ Tambellini is an LA-based photographer who captures the cinematic essence of California through his images of poolside inflatables, palm fronds, and monochromatic edifices of kitschy 1960s Los Angeles.  Tambellini evokes hazy summer days with strikingly clean images, his frames often zoomed in so that only two or three colours are discernible.


Jakarta-based duo, The Taable, is a multidisciplinary creative team made up of Axel Oswith and Amanda Kusai.  Their minimalistic images are quirky, fun, and visually stunning. Collaborating in both art direction and photography, The Taable's still life and portrait scenes are so, so dreamy.


Jeremy Jude Lee is a commercial and editorial photographer from Vancouver, BC.  Having photographed projects for Lululemon Lab, HYPEBEAST, and Livestock, it's pretty difficult to ignore his work.  As he tells us more about his recent trip to Hong Kong and Japan, we ask Jeremy about culture shock and force him to answer the difficult question of: sushi or dim sum.  


Jordan Puetz is just trying to have a good time.  This West Coast photographer captures skate and snowboard culture, with a few underground shows thrown in.  As Jordan puts it: "It’s just about going out and having fun with your friends.  At the end of the day, even if you don’t get any photos or clips, it’s still a cool day with your pals."  


Keiko Hudson is a table artist and prop stylist from Tokyo, Japan.  Often playing on the relationship between food and luxury, her images are playful, minimalistic, and striking. Influenced by Italian still-life visual culture, Keiko is exploring an aesthetic that not many Japanese artists have touched on yet.  With an identity all her own, Keiko is creating truly memorable works. 


Portland-based photographer Briana Cerezo's p l a y i n g h o u s e  series is a spectacular and darkly whimsical project shot in an abandoned house.  Reminiscent of some of Diane Arbus' greatest works, Cerezo's photoseries might creep you out a little but we promise you won't be able to look away.


Eyes are a person's most beautiful feature. From the lashes to the iris, eyes tell more than words can. Regardless of class, weight, height, or religion, it Is the beauty that pulls you in. 


Documenting the people and stories of New York and Brooklyn on 35mm film, NYC-based photographer Sean Pressley shares his snapshots of conversations.  From a series based on Rockwell's "Somebody's Watching Me", to catching his subjects in the moment, Sean Pressley is just trying to capture anything honest, subtle, and real.


In Michelle Chiu’s Nightmares series, she recreates our deepest primal fears through macabre images that unexpectedly balance the rare binary of beauty and terror.  Through nightmarish sequences, Chiu explores her own dark quirks through disquietingly alluring images of dread and agitation. 


Ashley Sophia Clark describes her photos as heart-centered, lo-fi visual post-it notes.  Tiny meditations on multiple realities. Whether she's documenting Froot Loop baptisms or multidimensional happenings, all we know is that we're obsessed.


A collaboration between photographer Alex Wallbaum and Art Director Aleia Murawski, the two create bizarrely mesmerizing diptychs that transform everyday objects into something slightly beyond the ordinary. Taking banal objects from our daily lives, Alex + Aleia flip them entirely on their heads to create a series of quirky snapshots.  Oh, and then there are the boob balloons.


Taking analog pictures within a culture that often glamourizes child-like sex appeal, mwyxxy is a visionary photographer who consistently pushes the boundaries of cultural and gender expectations. Based in Seoul, South Korea, mwyxxy captures images of young women that are sometimes voyeuristic, sometimes unsettling, but always unflinchingly unrestrained.


Currently residing in Eugene, Oregon, Miles Bowers is a photographer who captures the surrealism of the Pacific Northwest through hauntingly beautiful images that are sometimes even subject to his experimentation.  Through techniques like standstill development and acid soaks, Miles' images will change how you see the night sky.


Calling Santa Cruz home, Katie Small is a photojournalist who loves capturing the geographic diversity of the American West.  Katie chats with us about "embracing the results" and her dream to take photos of Angkor Wat one day.


You know that party that everyone is talking about?  Where Theo and Sarah hooked up? And then Paige and Reagan took off all their clothes?  Yeah, we forgot to take photos too.  But Morgan Young didn’t.  The West Coast photographer may take a lot of photos at parties, but she sure as hell won’t let herself be pigeonholed into being an event photographer.  


It is rare that a photographer is able to capture the intimacy of the nude without also exposing the vulnerability of the subject.  But Lauren Field does just that.  Exploring male and female sexuality, the Oregon native is often naked herself, both physically and emotionally, as she photographs friends and lovers in their most honest state.  


Have you ever fantasized about throwing cake at the New York City skyline? So has Geoff Levy.  And he took photos.  Through his aptly titled series, Cake Angry, the Brooklyn-based photographer captures a remarkable collection of cake destruction that will make you smile.


Based in Toronto, Joshua Silver shoots a wide range of subject matter in film media.  By capturing “normalcy” from various subcultures and locations, Joshua Silver documents a unique vision of the everyday.


A Vancouver-based photographer who captures ethereal, dreamlike images that evoke a sense of non-reality that is entirely mesmeric.