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AKA Courier

Zarah Cheng

I really like reading VICE articles. I mean, duh, of course I loved that piece where the journalist sees if she can get drunk on the booze inside liqueur chocolates. It was compelling shit! But I especially love the pieces on conspiracy theories.  This one got really weird though.  If you grew up reading books as much as I did, you're probably familiar with the Berenstain Bears.  Or BerenstEin...who even knows anymore!  And so when I saw this article on my favourite family of bears dressed in human clothes, I had to read it. But by the time I got through the whole thing, I was questioning my existence.  Ok yes, I know the authors Stan and Jan Berenstain probably named the bears after themselves, but it's way more interesting to read other people's comments on ripple effects and parallel universes.  Plus, a couple named Stan and Jan is suspicious.  The truth is out there!

Track list:

1. Earl by BadBadNotGood ft. Leland Whitty
2. Shame (BadBadNotGood Remix) by Freddie Gibbs & Madlib
3. Hot Nigga by Bobby Shmurda ft. Fabolous, Chris Brown, Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes, Yo Gotti & Rowdy Rebel
4. BTSTU (Edit) by Jai Paul
5. Quitters Rag by Gold Panda
6. All You’ll Never Know by Matthew David
7. Surge (Two Fingers Mix) by Amon Tobin
8. Motor (NEUS Remix) by SebastiAn
9. Stress by Justice
10. Retrograde by James Blake
11. Bills (Harmonimix) by 1-800-Dinosaur
12. NY Lipps. Soulwax by Oscar Belmont
13. New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down (Live at Coachella 2010) by LCD Soundsystem