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Zarah Cheng

If you're from Vancouver or know a Vancouverite, you'll know that we love talking about the weather.  And just so you know, in case you ever visit, the weather here will give you whiplash worse than Miles Teller getting yelled at by that guy from Spider-Man (just kidding, we love J.K. Simmons). Sure, it's summer but I still passed by a movie set today that I'm pretty sure was either an undisclosed Twilight instalment or sketchy Fifty Shades sequel. Because let's be honest, every movie you've ever seen that was supposed to be Seattle is actually Vancouver. Raincouver. That's why. 

Track list:

1. For Us by Odesza ft. Briana Marela
2. Violets by Beliefs
3. White Morning by Seoul
4. Nights Like This by W. Darling
5. This Wave by Noble Oak
6. Birthday by Night School
7. I Miss You by Ta-ku
8. Only by Qrion
9. White Light by Shura
10. Threatz (Ekali & Gravez Remix) by Denzel Curry
11. Guts (HUMANS Remix) by CHELA
12. Gimme All Your Money by Alaska Thunderfuck ft. Laganja Estranja
13. IT G MA Remix by Keith Ape ft. A$AP Ferg, Father, Dumfoundead & Waka Flocka Flame

Finch Station

Zarah Cheng

I really don't know what it is about "Cool for the Summer", but I literally go apeshit every time I hear that song.  Good apeshit, not bad apeshit.  So I couldn't resist putting a remix on this week's TGIF playlist.  I was also on vacation this week so I've kind of fallen into a self-deprecating habit of drinking a double vodka soda everyday.  Monday is going to be horrible so have a good fucking weekend.

Track list:

1. Blue Dream by Noble Oak
2. Waster (Noble Oak Remix) by Mesa Luna
3. Somebody (Mesa Luna Remix) by Hannah Georgas
4. Grace by Bob Moses
5. Hot Hands by Darius
6. Animals (Alpines Remix) by CREEP ft. Holly Miranda
7. Say So (Taal Mala Remix) by Evy Jane
8. Cool For the Summer (Don’t Tell Ya Motha Remix) by Demi Lovato
9. Hypnotized by Yanis
10. Bang Bang by Marty Grimes ft. G-Eazy
11. One Night Only by Don Lu x Fetty Wap
12. Loud Places (Eekkoo Edit) by Jamie xx ft. Romy