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Walter TV_Andrew Volk.jpg

Walter TV

cover photography Andrew Volk
words Zarah Cheng

The formative years of Walter TV were spent in a haunted house on a swamp.  What were some of the weird stuff that was happening in the house?

Well it was more of a marsh, but I’ll let that slide. It was a weird house – there was carpet in the bathrooms, tadpoles in the toilet, and cobwebs everywhere from no one being in there. We found this big ol’ TV and put it in the living room. It would turn on full blast, blaring static the middle of the night. I woke up with a mouse under my pillow once. Oh well whatever, never mind.


Joe [McMurray] and Pierce [McGarry] tour with Mac DeMarco, whose live shows are known to have some crazy shit happening. What is a Walter TV show like?

We’re pretty free, like to keep things fresh. Try and get a lot of natural expression going on.  Loud, punk.


You told Noisey that you’ve almost died on tour [with Mac DeMarco] at least 4 times.  Any updates on the brushes with death?

We’re all always on Death’s door.

photography Coraline Cat Hall


Your new album, to be released on June 23rd, is called Blessed.  What makes you feel blessed?

I guess that’s a changing idea that can go in any which way. I’m just happy to be part of the universe witnessing itself through these eyes, walking around.


There are a couple of songs on the record that stand out, as they are a bit slower and feel more emotional.  What’s the story behind the tracks, “Thanksgiving” and “Tall Mountains”?

Not much of a story behind “Thanksgiving” – it’s a mood piece, I guess. “Tall Mountains” is about aging and living, with different points of mental awareness, when things seem to be going “your” way and everything changes in a moment.  And all of a sudden, what “life” was for you is no longer personal and you realize your body is a cage holding a beautiful spirit that’s never really safe or sure, and that everything is connected for better or for worse and there is no way of escaping that.  There is no escape at all, and you’re stuck living in this form for a while, delicate and scared. That there is true darkness all around you, and this day is a glimmer of light, perceived as passing.


photography Edwin White


I read in The Editorial Magazine that you guys got Amanda Bynes on your VHS compilation.  What was the darnedest thing she said to you?

I was directing this music video with skateboarding in it and I was like, “Yo, Amanda do a 3 flip down that 6 set.” And she was like, “Aight,” and did it. That was our only interaction.


 If you could get anyone to feature on the VHS, who would it be and why? 

Carlos Santana. Why? SMOOTH


photography Edwin White


The band has been described as contemporary nomads, forever touring and moving around.  From all your traveling, which city has the best pizza?

Dude, Vancouver! The people there are divided, but it’s obviously 2001 flavours all the way!


What is the best paranormal movie ever made?

Evil Dead or The Conjuring


What creeps you out the most?

Evil and Negative presences

Blessed will be out July 10th on Sinderlyn Records.  You can listen to more Walter TV via Bandcamp.

Posted on June 11, 2015