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Walter's Son Fall-Winter 2015 Launch Party-106.jpg

Walter's Son F/W 2015 Shirting Collection

words Erin
All images provided by Walter's Son.

Sourcing Japanese cottons and Quebec leather, Walter's Son showcased its F/W 2015 Shirting Collection at Litchfield on November 13th.  We were invited to the media presentation, where we got handsy with the incredible textures of designer Kyle Parent's chemises and fell in love with the beautiful cuts and detailing of Walter's Son.

We were immediately greeted by the aroma of a freshly popped bottle of bubbly when we walked into 38 Water Street, the home of Litchfield. Men brushed past us hurriedly, rushing to fill the front of the shop with cases upon cases of Scandal Brewery’s stubby beer bottles. Litchfield was just beginning to fill with the guests of Vancouver’s WALTER’S SON. We await the introduction of Kyle Parent and his new F/W 2015 shirting collection.

I become distracted by the hanging white shirt buttoned up to the neck on the other side of the room across from me. I wanted to feel its black leather collar to see if it was as supple and velvety as I imagined it to be. I wanted to explore beneath the pocket that ran down its midline to discover the fasteners binding the fabric together. I wanted to rub the cotton between my palms and feel if Japanese cotton was as stiff as it looked (it was surprisingly not – the shirt held its shape yet was soft against the skin). The quality of the construction was evident even before inspection. I was the child trying to hold back from sticking her hand into the drum of dried beans at the grocery store but who gave in to temptation. I felt the smooth collar of the shirt then hugged the Japanese cotton in my palm.

Attention to detail. That was the first thing anyone that night said to describe Kyle Parent and his new line of shirts. They could not be more right. The midline pocket of the white shirt in front covered the buttons that ran down the shirt’s centre. It ran as one continuous piece of fabric, though the pocket itself secretly separated each button by stitching its own cubicle to prevent the ripple effects of chronic wrinkling.

An announcement was made and Kyle Parent begins to introduce his line of (nearly all) black and white shirts. Parent himself showcased his elegant all-black cotton design, buttoned at the neck but open at the chest, over a similarly all-black sleeveless top. He introduced his monochromatic collection of simple statements. The spectacle of models that were displayed in front of him donned black, white, and deep blue button-ups over a simple pair of black straight-legs leading down to simple black, laced shoes.

Each shirt reflected a style that was cohesive, yet unique, to each other. Among them was a shirt Parent had on; with every button done up this time, you could appreciate a pocket detail that Parent had subtly inserted into his design. Unlike the other shirt whose pocket enclosed the vertical line of buttons, this shirt let a semi-circle teasingly peak out from beneath its covering. A sleek, black collar bar pleasingly completed the look.

I refuse to call these Walter’s Son chemises “men’s shirts” because I so dearly want to have one in my closet to wear myself. For all the pieces of clothing I have ever stolen from my partner, maybe now my boyfriend can have his own girlfriend shirt. It is as if Walter’s Son read my mind. A female model so casually stood amidst the row of male models. Dressed as the rest of the models did, she stood silently yet strongly in the Walter’s Son design that I had previously caressed on its hanger at the front of the store, proving that the new Walter’s Son men’s shirting collection could be the new staple item every man and woman needs in his and her closet.