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Zhamak Fullad

words Zarah Cheng
All images are from Zhamak's portfolio.

Where are you from?

I’m from the capital city of Iran, Tehran.


Describe your photography in 3 words.






You take a lot of photos at shows around the city. What has been your favourite show this year?

It’s really hard to pick one, but I’d pick Travis Scott’s NYE show with Metro Boomin’. It was one of the most lit shows I’ve been to the past few years. They put on a crazy ass show that’s hard to ever forget.


There’s definitely a fashion vibe to most of your images, even if this isn’t done intentionally. How would you describe your approach to fashion?

I used to do studio photography and themed shoots and editorials and blah blah, but sold all my studio equipment and stopped messing around with super imposed gestures and expressions. I guess that feel has lingered. My subjects always style themselves, so give it to them for always looking fresh.



I love looking at your photos because I feel that it sums up twentysomething party debauchery so well.  And they give a bad case of FOMO, for sure.  How would you describe a typical night out with your friends?

HAHA! I guess you just gotta come out with me one night to find out.



There’s been a recent resurgence in 35mm film among young photographers.  Why did you decided to pick up this medium?

I grew up in a house where both my parents had their photography degrees and spent most of my time with my mom in her little dark room. I appreciate both digital and film, don't get me wrong; but there’s something so nostalgic about film that makes me feel some type of waaaayyy.

I love taking risks, and playing with film is right up that alley. Sometimes your photos turn out fire and sometimes it’s just trash and you can’t repeat that moment because fast forward a week after your shoot and you’ve just started scanning your negatives. Go figure!



For some strange unknown reason, you only have 24 hours in Vancouver. What would you do in that time?

Ummmm… I’d sit and finish up editing my photos. It really never ends.


Favourite movie ever?

Patch Adams.



Who are you listening to right now?

JMSN’s Pllajë EP; he’s a beautiful boy with a beautiful voice.


Anything you want to add, for all those people looking at your photos?




What creeps you out the most?

When people crack their knuckles I just wanna go melt in a dark corner…


I’m gonna give a few shout outs even though you didn't ask me!

S/O to Scott Loudon for always finding the most beautiful people for me to photograph, Keenan, Erik Devro, Rico, Andishae, Vancouv, Chapel Sound, Sangnoir, Ekali, Kat David, Devinn, Beepss, 35mm Mistress, Angel Pacheco, Bratty and Julian, bbjuelz, Bronson Snelling, Rook Milo, my French fucbois Kevin and Pierre, Dylan Sahara, Corey Smith, Metro, Pell, Tory Lanez, baby Q, Terrible Tony, Wes Period, Anthony Foust, Albert and Christina, Fortune Sound Club, The Alexander, MyGayHusband, all the bouncers that kindly let me in when I’m trying to sneak into a show, all the lovely people in my city that fuck with me.

Shout out to my Mom for constantly putting up with my shit. She’s cool af.


You can check out more from Zhamak here: | IG: @zhamakthecat

Posted on August 24, 2015